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The Estate Planning  Process

You don't need to become an expert in estate planning to get a plan in place.  Patricia Wood Law has a unique estate planning process.  I listen and learn about you and your personal circumstances, explain the best options available to you, and then custom design and implement an estate plan that reflects your objectives.   


When you work with Patricia Wood Law, there is no more driving to an inconveniently located attorney's office for each meeting.  No more disrupting your busy life. This firm brings the service to you, on your schedule, to meet your unique needs.

The Process





STEP 1/ Preparing for Initial Planning Meeting

Shortly after you schedule your Initial Planning Meeting, we’ll send you a Welcome Packet containing important information that you will want to review prior to your consultation and a link to our Estate Planning Questionnaire.  You'll complete the Estate Planning Questionnaire and return it to me in advance of your appointment.

STEP 2/ The Initial Planning Meeting

For new clients, the Initial Planning Meeting is where the relationship with Patricia Wood Law begins. During our meeting, I will: (i) learn about you, your personal circumstances, and your worries and objectives; (ii) explain the law, make recommendations, and discuss with you your estate planning options; and, (iii) help you decide which option works best for you.  

STEP 3/ The Drafting & Review of Your Documents

After we have settled on the best options for you, I will draft your documents and send them to you for your careful review.  Once, your questions are answered and you are satisfied with any changes, we will schedule a delivery meeting (in person) for you to officially sign your estate planning documents.  Or, if you prefer, you may handle the this part on your own, although I don't recommend this.

STEP 4/ Signing Your Documents/ Delivery Meeting

The Delivery Meeting is when you execute your estate planning documents and they become legally effective.  There are legal formalities that must be followed when signing and witnessing a will and other estate planning documents in Virginia.  That's why I strongly prefer to not just send you on your way with your draft documents and wish you luck for the future.  The better practice is for you and I to formally execute your documents together.  I will provide both the witnesses and the notary.  And finally, I will provide you with a packet of your originals and several copies of your estate planning documents.  And then, I will wish you luck for the future.

Questionnare & Process
initial planning mtg


Virtual, Mobile, Traditional, & Hybrid 

Your estate planning can be done from the comfort of your own home using a virtual estate planning process.   This is accomplished by conducting our meetings via Zoom or telephone.  Your draft estate planning documents can be delivered and viewed electronically as well, through the client portal.  There you can make comments, ask questions, and review the documents with me in real time.  

Presently, Virginia does not have any statute authorizing electronic wills.  Therefore, when it comes time to execute your estate planning documents, we will need to meet in person.  There is no additional charge for my time or travel for this purpose.

Virtual Estate Planning

 Patricia Wood Law also offers mobile, in-person estate planning services.   For those clients who prefer to meet in person but either cannot or would rather not travel, I  can bring the office to you no matter where you are - your home, a nursing home, a hospital, or even your place of business. 

I am always happy to meet clients face-to-face.  I know how important a smile, a handshake, and a conversation can be to provide a sense of confidence in my services.

Mobile Estate Planning

In addition to virtual and mobile service, Patricia Wood Law also offers a more traditional option for those clients who are more comfortable having in-person meetings at my office location.  

Clients may also choose to use a combination of these service styles.  You are in control here, and your comfort and convenience is a top priority.

Traditional or Hybrid Estate Planning
Virtual & Mobile

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